Installation of U profiled glass


The installation of U profiled glass needs to be equipped with aluminum frame and PVC inlay profile. The aluminum frame plays a basic role in U profiled glass glazing. The PVC inlay profile retains insert locate and prevents glass to metal contact. According to different requirements, various installation methods of U profiled glass is available. Use of specific aluminum frame could achieve the goals of beauty, thermally broken and moisture resistance. The following describes six typical installation methods and their corresponding aluminum frame and PVC inlay profile.

Channel glass installation isometric view

1. Double Glazing
The double glazing is the most typical installation method of U profiled glass, with a certain sound insulation and thermally broken effect, which use aluminum frame 980 and 981, inlay profile 980/2 and 981/2.

2. Single Glazing
Compared to double glazing, single glazing uses the same aluminum frame, but dedicated inlay profile 980/1 and 981/1. Different with 980/2 and 981/2, inlay profile 980/1 and 981/1 could make better fix for single shell and furthest dust and pollution to avoid.

3. Double glazing drainage slit
When the U profiled glass is used as an outer curtain, due to the temperature difference between day and night, the cold surface of glass, etc., water vapor in the air will form condensate on the inner surface of glass. In order to allow the condensed water to drain out of the curtain better, Appleton recommends aluminum frame 981, which has a slope and can achieve a good drainage effect.

4. Single glazing drainage slit
Similarly, single glazing also could use drainage aluminum frame. Note that the PVC inlay profile should use dedicated inlay profile 980/1 and 981/1.

5. Double Glazing Thermally Broken
When using Appleton Plus 1.7 U profiled glass, this low-e coated glass should be installed with thermally broken aluminum frame 810 and 811, in order to ensure the effect of curtain insulation.

6. Double Glazing 90 mm Flange
When using U profiled glass K25/90/8(262 mm x 90 mm x 8 mm) and K32/90/8(331 mm x 90 mm x 8 mm), due to the increase of height and thickness of glass flange, aluminum frame 9A0 and 9A2, PVC inlay profile 9A0/2 and 9A1/2 should be used.

It should also be noted, the height of different aluminum frame is different. The size of aluminum frame should be considered when determining the length of glass. For heights and size of various aluminum frame and PVC inlay profile, please contact us for more information and related drawings.

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